Web Site, Email Account, and File Hosting Services

One of the biggest questions people have about their first web site is, "How do I get it available on the Internet for others to see - where can I have it hosted?". To have a web site available for others to see on the Internet, you need to have the files that make up your web site stored on a web server. Having a web hosting account means managing domains, your web site files, email accounts - even databases. Naturally, this can be quite confusing if you are unfamiliar with the technical aspects of web sites and the Internet in general. The simple answer to this is: Let us host your web site for you! You don't have to deal with any of the technical aspects of hosting a web site. We'll do all of the "dirty work" for you.

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There's more to having a web site on the Internet than just having someone create the files for you. You need a domain name, such as "amazingwidgets.com", which needs to be purchased and registered. Then you need a hosting service to store your web site's files, which allows your site to be viewable on the Internet. Having a domain also means you can have email accounts under that domain. If your web site requires the use of databases, they need to be maintained and monitored. There's a lot to hosting a web site!

But we can do all of that for you - and at very low prices for the services and features you get. We offer very competitive hosting rates. Sure there are even web hosts that offer free hosting - but most of them are riddled with required ads on your web site's pages - and who's going to manage all of the technical aspects of hosting the site?

In addition to web site hosting, we provide email accounts and file server space to just store your files online for easy access from any computer.

Web Site Hosting Details

Our web site hosting services include the following:

In addition to hosting web sites we also offer email address accounts and file hosting services. For a small fee you can have your own email accounts that you can access on computers using programs such as Outlook, or you can access your email on the web using a number of online email account viewers. If you just want to store files on the web to be able to access them from any computer, we will store them for you on our server. The location of your files will be password-protected, so they will be secure and only you will have access to them.

See complete pricing details for our web site and file hosting services here.