Hosting a website can be a daunting undertaking: managing email accounts, ftp access, and databases, if your site requires them. Plus back-ups, security protections and more. If you decide to host your website with Eventide, I'll do all of the "dirty work" for you. I offer very competitive rates for the services offered.


Web Site Hosting Details

Eventide's basic hosting services include:

  • Disk Storage Space: 1GB
    • As a comparison, this WordPress web site takes up 180MB on disk, so you'll have plenty of room
  • Number of Databases: 2
  • Number of Sub-Domains: 1
    • With sub-domains you can essentially have an entirely different web site
  • Number of Email Accounts: 10
  • Number of FTP Accounts: 2
    • FTP accounts allow you to upload files to your domain
  • Monthly FTP Bandwidth Limit: 1GB

Other Hosting Services

If you just need one or more email accounts or need to store files online, for a small fee you can have your own email accounts that you can access using Outlook, or any of the popular online email sites like Gmail, Yahoo or Windows Live. If you just want to store files on the web to be able to access them from any computer, they can be stored on Eventide's server. The location of your files will be password-protected, so they will be secure and only you will have access to them.

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